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Although the environmental record is actually complete, your safety review for your application is actually continuing and the latest schedule update regarding Seabrook Station shows the actual Final Safety Evaluation report is not necessarily heading to end up being issued until at least July 2016.

Seabrook Station's ASR difficulty became a major concern for a entire lot of anti-nuclear power advocates when NextEra sought the particular 20-year extension. 

The holdup with the safety review relates to the alkali-silica reaction concrete degradation difficulty discovered along with reported through employees from NextEra energy Seabrook through the inspection procedure ahead of filing the 2010 license renewal application. 

After inspections and analyzing samples, the NRC provides repeatedly assured the actual public the ASR has certainly not affected your safety associated with Seabrook Station.

Seabrook Station can be at present the only nuclear power plant within the Usa known to possess ASR issues, although energy plants located in Canada and also Europe have got experienced the problem.

The condition in Seabrook Station is presently undergoing extensive screening within the engineering laboratory in the university regarding Texas, paid regarding by NextEra. Your NRC will be closely monitoring your testing.  

WASHINGTON, D.C. Your plant and its walls are usually nonetheless structurally sound, the particular NRC said; your 2-foot thick walls where the problem has been discovered even now meet federal standards for load-bearing capacity because of towards the lattice regarding steel rebar reinforcement within the particular walls. 

The record concludes environmental impacts "would not necessarily preclude renewing the particular plant's license to have an extra twenty years" beyond its original operating license, according towards the statement issued through the NRC upon relieve the actual report.

It is the first of the two-part procedure necessary for your NRC to act about the plant owners' Could 2010 license extension application. Inside July 2011 the actual NRC staff published any draft edition of the environmental impact statement, according to Neil Sheehan, Region 1 spokesman for your NRC. Typically seen in dams as well as bridges, ASR types a new gel that will expands, causing micro-cracks that affect concrete properties. -- The Particular Nuclear Regulatory Commission last week issued its Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement around the NextEra Power Seabrook nuclear energy plant's request in order to extend its operating license via 2030 for you to 2050. 

"The NRC staff's view is the fact that your issuance of the Seabrook Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement will not alter the actual scope in the interveners' rights, such as virtually any legal rights to end up being able to challenge the actual adequacy with the (final report)," he said. 

The Final SEIS was released ahead associated with the NRC ended up being in a new place to act around the motion, he added. 

Alkali-silica reaction, or ASR, can end up being a slow chemical reaction involving the alkaline cement and reactive silica seen in a quantity of concrete aggregates when moisture is present. ASR will take five in order to many years to show up.

On July 28, a pair of interveners, the actual Buddies in the Coast as well as the New England Coalition, filed a motion with all the NRC asking that will the final environmental statement not necessarily become issued, Sheehan said.

"We have got said that the company's development of the longterm arrange for addressing concrete degradation at the guarana plant is important with regard to our safety review as well as general decision-making on the (20-year operating license extension) application," Sheehan stated on Thursday.

The NRC's procedure for analyzing license extension renewal programs include both environmental and also safety reviews, Sheehan said. Credited to needed changes, any supplemental environmental impact statement was ready and also published inside April 2013, Sheehan said. Thursday's final document addresses most issues involved. 

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